Married, born and raised in the southern side of Chile, and currently living in Belgium ..with my husband..... <3
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// Music: Mostly black, folk, viking metal,... neofolk, dark- ritual ambient, some gothic bands, rock (specially occult rock),martial industrial, classical music, accoustic tunes, classic movie soundtracks... (all the sounds/melodies that can make feel my soul a bit more "complete")
//Music and nature are my drugs and therapy
// "Silence speaks louder than words" "Without music life would be a mistake" "There is no religion higher than truth." "Life can be good with the right people." " Music s what feelings sound like"
I HATE! : People who insults, People who try too look like the victim when they are NOT!, Liars!, lowlifes, Fake people, hypocrites, Human stupidity (totally diferent to ignorance) Animal Cruelty

i just receive a comment on my facebook from my friend T… which is the man behind a music project that i love…. years ago i found one of his songs on youtube… and inmediately i loved it! .. from time to time i was asking to him is was some news about “Vyzj” .. and finally today he told me that the new album was avaible on his site… so awesome! i cant wait to listen to it!

© Noctua Nebulosa (Myself) /// This afternoon&#8230;walking between the river and the forest with my husband&#8230; 
© Noctua Nebulosa (Myself) /// This was our 1st photo together,sometimes&#8230; i still can&#8217;t believe that he traveled 16 hours from europe to south america, just to risk everything and to meet me&#8230;&#8230;.. and now we are married and celebrating our 1st year of marriage&#8230; &#8220;not matter what can happen in our lives.. i will never give up to you. you are the most precious thing that have come to my existence. i love you more than anything.&#8221; 

Urn; newest painted shirt that I finished today.

Nice!, im so proud of my friend N. skills&#8230; i hope in the future we can have a complete day to paint tshirts and jackets ;-)
© Noctua Nebulosa (Myself) /// Me…
© Noctua Nebulosa (Myself) /// Me&#8230;
© Noctua Nebulosa (Myself) /// Heritage&#8230;. The little &#8220;cültrunes&#8221; were our wedding souvenirs.. and of course&#8230; they have a special personal meaning for us&#8230; (the mixing of the runes and the cültrun itself)